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Havila Partners becomes Havila Properties and Investments. Pierre Louis Amancic, Senior Advisor, remains the representative of Eques Finance

Why Ponzi schemes never go out of fashion

Bernie Madoff, who died last week in prison, where he was serving a 150-year sentence, was perhaps the most successful Ponzi operator...

Medtech and Biotech in Benelux (one of our participation) has identified in Benelux more than 80 funds and FO with main focus on Biotech and Medtech.

Logistic Tech : A New Wave

Today's supply chains are undergoing significant change, with the potential to self-manage - and in the not-too-distant future.

What's hot in here !

Fintech vs traditional banks ? by Tanguy Vanderlinden, CEO and Pierre Louis Amancic, Senior Advisor

Trend hunting season is always on !

Ad Tech Could Be the Next Internet Bubble ? Should Robots Be Conducting Job Interviews? by Tanguy Vanderlinden, CEO and Pierre Louis Amancic

« Youpiii, c’est la rentrée ! »

Your weekly top 10 curated list of startup/tech economy related « articles » we enjoyed reading.Tanguy Vanderlinden and Pierre Louis Amancic


Welcome to our weekly curated list of startup / tech economy related « articles » we enjoyed reading. 10 articles to help you decoding trend

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