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Investment Strategy: À propos


  • We invest on our behalf and with a Club Deal which brings together various European and African investors who actively support the participations by providing them the benefit of their networks.

  • We also rely on our group's advisory structures to provide strategic and financial expertises

  • We have an opportunistic vision of investment

  • We do not do Seed or project financing !

  • Our ideal targets meet the following criteria : 

    • Geography: Europe (mainly Benelux and neighboring countries) and Africa (mainly CEMAC and UEMOA areas) 

    • Preferred sectors: IT, Industry, Sustainable Businesses, Services, Agro-industries (Food and Beverage), Catering, Horeca, Logistics

    • Turnover from 500k€ to 50M€

    • No need to be profitable if profitability possible within 12 months following the investment

    • The company must already have a recurring turnover and at least one balance sheet

  • Special Situations are accepted 

  • We can act, in Equity or  financing from €1M to €8M

  • We can be a minority or majority shareholder

  • We do not necessarily need to be a member of the company's Board of Directors, but we do impose monthly activity reports on our investments.

  • Our team is composed of people who have an average of 30 years of financial and/or industrial experiences in various countries


  • Each file submitted is analyzed by our team to determine if it is eligible for our weekly Selection Committee

  • If you are selected, a person will be responsible for your file and in charge of its analysis for the Investment Pre-Committee, which meets monthly

  • Once the Pre-Investment Committee stage has been completed, the due diligence process is initiated in order to be able to have the investment validated by the Investment Committee

  • The average processing time from the day one until the closing is  3/4 months

  • In some cases we have had the capacity to act in one month (emergency situations) but we also have cases where it takes 6 months to obtain the necessary elements....before going to the Investment Committee

  • Our approach is always positive and, whatever the outcome of our negotiations, we are passionate about entrepreneurs, happy to help them in their reflections during these analysis phases  

Investment Strategy: Portfolio
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