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English leads this time with a bit of articles in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Nigeria & South Africa  ! Have "fun" with the Deepfake AI videos below ...

Les start-up françaises ont levé 588 millions d'euros en septembre Après l'accalmie estivale, le mois de septembre est toujours intense pour les levées de fonds. Et cette année ne fait pas exception, malgré les peurs qui subsistaient encore il y a quelques mois sur les capacités de l'écosystème à se financer. Ainsi, les start-up françaises ont levé 587,78 millions d'euros en septembre 2020, contre 508 millions d'euros en septembre 2019. Le secteur favori des investisseur ce mois-ci est  ... et ça repart ...

L’histoire de Lunii prouve que fabriquer des produits tech en France reste une équation complexe Après quatre ans de fabrication en Chine, Lunii vient de rapatrier à Bayonne une partie de sa production de son enceinte intelligente pour les enfants. Les fondateurs de la startup nous expliquent ce long cheminent. Certaines entreprises françaises, qui avaient exilé leur production tech à l’étranger, réfléchiraient sérieusement à la rapatrier en France, à l’instar de Lunii et sa fabrique à histoires. ... et ça revient.

Hoe dit Leuvense techbedrijf in de voorbije vier jaar de omzet met 1730% deed stijgen: “Je moet meteen op de wereldmarkt mikken” De kans is klein dat je THEO Technologies kent als je nooit online video publiceert. Nochtans laat dit Leuvense groeibedrijf elke maand miljarden online video’s draaien voor talloze mediabedrijven, waaronder grote namen als CNN en NBC. Het zorgde voor een groei van 1730% in de afgelopen vier jaar, wat THEO Technologies twee jaar op rij de prestigieuze Technology Fast 50 award  Ja  - - 1730% - - !! 

Dutch startups are the #1 job growth engine in the Netherlands Dutch startups account for more than 109K jobs in the Netherlands, 25K of which were created in the last three years. The second edition of our report on Dutch startup jobs in partnership with, and CBRE finds that startups are the number one job growth engine in the Netherlands. Startups account for higher job growth than any individual sector, and have shown strong resilience during Covid-19. SME backbone..

Can you fund a social media company like a video game? When you boil it down, every social media giant makes money the same way: You click on content, and they serve you ads. But a France-based social app wants to do it differently — and it’s taking inspiration from video games. Yubo ($19.5m raised) only makes money when users pay for small, in-app purchases called micro-transactions. Can you read ?

Amazon’s $4.99-a-month personal shopper service is now available for men Amazon is expanding its personal shopping service to cover men’s fashion. For $4.99 a month, Amazon Prime members can be sent monthly packs of personalized clothes that match their style and budget based on an introductory survey. They can choose eight items to be shipped to their home for free, with a seven-day try-on period and free returns. Spit on sustainability

Nigerian mobility startup banks $1m in oversubscribed bond Nigerian mobility startup has secured NGN400 million (US$1 million) in capital under a first-of-its-kind securitisation of vehicle lease receivables under a Private Company Bond programme it hopes will eventually bank it NGN10 billion (US$22 million). Founded in 2015, is a mobility platform that connects users to vetted  Do not read & drive ...

Local biotech startup to create Africa’s first cultivated meat The goal is to produce high-quality meat products and move away from the traditional methods of harvesting livestock for meat Many South Africans daily diet consists of meat and has been synonymous with our local culture such as hosting a Sunday braai for family and friends. According to reports, the country is home to 14-million cattle and 30-million sheep. rEat ...

7 beproefde manieren om van een contract af te komen Afspraak is afspraak, dus als een contract is getekend zit je hier aan vast. Toch? Niet helemaal, er zijn verschillende manieren zijn om van een contract af te komen. Sprout-expert Annelieke Fenstra benoemt 7 rechtsgeldige opties. Afspraken moeten worden nagekomen en een contract kan niet zomaar gebroken worden. Doe je dat toch dan levert dat vaak problemen op en moet je mogelijk schadevergoeding betalen. Er zijn manieren om op een rechtsgeldige manier een contract te beëindigen. De belangrijkste manieren op een rij. 7 rechtsgeldige opties lezen

Deepfake Putin is here to warn Americans about their self-inflicted doom AI-generated synthetic media is being used in a political ad campaign—not to disrupt the election, but to save it. The news: Two political ads will broadcast on social media today, featuring deepfake versions of Russian president Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Both deepfake leaders will be giving the same message: that America doesn’t need any election interference from them; it will ruin its democracy by itself. Watch, this is fun ... 

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