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I want to ride my bicycle...

Your weekly top 10

Welcome to our weekly curated list of "articles" we enjoyed reading. Sometimes, it's hard to make such a selection. This time, we decided to focus on mobility. 

VanMoof raises $13.5M to capitalize on e-bike boom in wake of COVID-19 So with cycling a viable option in many cities, but distance still the old adversary, many consumers are looking to e-bikes as the solution to commuting, versus traditional bikes, which can’t compete with an e-bike’s ability to take the rider much farther than normal. Read It

À Bruxelles, les vendeurs de vélos sont pris d'assaut La mobilité (soit les rollers, les trottinettes, mais essentiellement les vélos) représente environ 70% du chiffre d'affaires depuis la réouverture des portes de l'enseigne sportive à Anderlecht. Avec une tendance plus importante pour le vélo loisir. Read It

Déconfinement : le retour gagnant des vélos et trottinettes en libre-service (?) Certes, la plupart des utilisateurs possèdent leur propre véhicule et "les boutiques sont prises d'assaut", observe-t-il. Mais les mobilités en libre-service trouvent leur marché pour des usages moins réguliers que les trajets quotidiens domicile-travail et "vont se développer". R

Volvo plans cars with lidar and “eyes off” highway driving by 2022 Volvo's Henrik Green writes that, when a customer activates Volvo's self-driving feature, "Volvo takes responsibility for the driving and you can relax, take your eyes off the road and your hands off the wheel." He adds that "over time, updates over the air will expand the areas in which the car can drive itself." Read It

Zeway, un nouveau venu dans les scooters électriques en location A partir du mois de septembre, les Parisiens pourront faire l’acquisition d’un scooter électrique pour 130 euros par mois, kilométrage illimité, frais de maintenance et d’assurance compris. Mais la principale nouveauté n’est pas là. Ces scooters lancé par la start up Zeway seront dotés d’une batterie amovible et échangeable. Read It

VCs spent $11.8B on mobility startups in Q1 2020, report says Overall, the investment has been driven by self-driving technology, the popularization of shared mobility, and the development of electronic or connected vehicle technologies. All of this, the report adds, has resulted in a resurgence in innovation in the transportation sector over the past decade. Read It

Mobility For Africa Shows How Electric Vehicles Can Transform Lives Where it Matters Most MFA tested several models which included exploring agricultural produce transport services as well as general taxi services. It also used the pilot to measure the financial viability of the project as well as identifying solutions for different business models.

Opera’s OPay still plans Africa expansion on Nigerian super app Opera’s Africa fintech startup OPay remains committed to building a multi-service super app in Nigeria as the foundation to expand on the continent. OPay also continues to operate ORide for limited passenger service — though the company is shifting the motorcycle ride-hail operation toward logistics businesses. Read It

What would happen to Europe and North America if COVID-19 lasted a year or more? A group of global futurists, designers, technologist & policy makers (the Special Circumstances Intelligence Unit) came together online to explore this. Nearly 90 experts contributed, identifying over 200 trends, connections & impacts in just over 24 hours. Read It

Coronavirus : La fin du modèle startup ? A l’image d’une Formule 1, monstre de performance et d’efficacité sur les circuits, mais parfaitement incapable de franchir le moindre dos d’âne… Bref, le modèle startup traditionnel construit sur une quête d’ultra-performance montre actuellement ses limites ! Read It

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