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Havila Partners Announces Investment from Eques Finance for Majority Stake (Press Review)

London, 7 January 2019

Havila Partners, Corporate advisor founded in 1998, announced today that Eques Finance, has agreed to take a majority stake in the business.

Eques Finance, founded in 1998 also, is an investment company active in Europe and Africa in Private Equity and advisory.

Eques Finance is mainly involved in the following sectors : Finance, Technologies, Agro-Industries, Logistic, Catering and Restaurants, Properties

Eques Finance has an option for buying the remaining shares.

Stéphane Drai will be the Managing Partner of Havila Partners and Pierre Louis Amancic join Eques Finance as Senior Advisor for the new investments and development of the various participations.

Eques Finance : (Legal) Fabrizio Calamaro, ( (Financial and Tax) Cdp Partner

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